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See what you are getting into...

See all Access Points in range - not just the networks

Who can you trust ?

Fingerprint check is positive

Fingerprint check is questionable

Fingerprint check is negative.*

[White]  Access Point have not been fingerprinted yet.

 indicates the Access Point you are connected to

 indicates this Access Point is saved to “My places” (requires login)

* This status can trigger other actions : long vibration as warning / Turn off WiFi. (See settings).

Know your Access Point...

Connected to ... :

The slider shows your connection status for this Access Point. Just click to disconnect or connect.

Trust Factor :

The icon indicates how HotspotID trusts this Access Point. The number in brackets shows how many times this fingerprint has been checked.

First Registration :

This shows the date this Access Point was first fingerprinted.

(*) User login required to use these functions


Certificate :

Indication if the "owner" registered this Access Point with HotspotID. Certified Access Points have a higher trust ranking.

Location :

City, Country information for the Access Point.

User Rating (*) :

Average rating by Hotspot ID users with total ratings given.

My Places (*) :

Access Point saved as a favorite.

(*) User login required to use these functions

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Know where you have been

The HotspotID notifications show details of all fingerprint check results.

The notifications keep you informed about the actual fingerprint check results for each WiFi connection.

 will trigger a long vibration as a warning and will Turn off WiFi. (Configured in Settings)

Set it up the way you want

Automatic Fingerprinting

This is part of the “Set it & Forget it” mode. In combination with the security settings, Automatic Fingerprinting will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Location sharing

We use your device’s location data (anonymised) as the Access Point location.


Mobile data

HotspotID exchanges data between your device and the server over mobile data when you cannot login on WiFi. (Fingerprinting requires WiFi)


Warning with vibration when a rogue Access Point is detected.

Disable wifi

Turn off WiFi when a rogue Access Point is detected.

HotspotID : Neighborhood watch for WiFi networks

HotspotID monitors the profiles of all the WiFi networks each user connects to. The Access Pointp shows these observations and warns you when suspicious networks are detected.

All WiFi networks are unique

After 3 years research with the SNT(*), we found out that each WiFi Access Point has a unique fingerprint.

HotspotID can uniquely identify each individual WiFi Access Point with a very high degree of certainty and it can detect "rogue" Access Points disguised as legitimate ones

(*) SnT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust)

Wisdom of the crowds

The more WiFi fingerprints you collect the smarter HotspotID gets.

Each positive fingerprint improves the data and makes it easier to spot anomalies.

Data produced by a mass of legitimate users cannot be faked by a minority of bad individuals.


Just start HotspotID. The rest is automatic (*).

HotspotID fingerprints each WiFi Access Point you connect to and updates our servers. Next, our algorithm analyses the data. The result is sent back to your phone and you are warned if you are connected to a "rogue" Access Point.

(*) With default settings.

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