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Hotspot ID - Privacy Statement

App Version : Beta 0.9.x

Date : 12/02/2014

This notice is provided to you because you have licensed Hotspot ID.

Hotspot ID is a product of Red Dog Communications s.a., a company registered under the laws of Luxembourg.

Information we collect and how we use it

Your location data :

Hotspot ID uses your location to determine the location of the Access Point (AP) you are connected to.  The location coordinates are sent - without any additional data which may identify you - to a central server where they are linked with the Fingerprint (FP) of the AP you are connected to.  Sharing your location improves the quality of the data we collect to fingerprint APs and allows us to provide a better service to you, the user.

You may turn off “Location Sharing” by going to /Settings /Enable location sharing > set to OFF.

Your email address (only if you register) :

You can register for a free account by providing your email address, choosing a screen name and a password.  When you are registered you can take advantage of additional features not available to anonymous users, such as : Save AP to favorite places for future reference, give a user rating on AP.  These features may be expanded in the future.

Even when you are registered you can use the app anonymously by not logging in or by logging out if you are logged in.  By default you will be logged in when the app starts.

At any time you can view / change your profile data in the My Profile page.

Sharing your information

Red Dog Communications s.a. does not sell, rent, lease, give away or disseminate your personal information (email address) to any third party.

We may share fingerprint data with other organisations for the purpose of improving the service or increasing the distribution of the Hotspot ID app. The strength of Hotspot ID lies in the number of fingerprints it can collect of as many AP as possible.  For this reason such business collaborations are important.

The technology in Hotspot ID is the result of an ongoing research collaboration with the University of Luxembourg (  In order to continually improve the technology inside Hotspot ID we may share the AP data with the researchers.