“Bulk WiFi Certification” pilot project

We are looking for owners of large public WiFi networks to participate in our “Bulk WiFi Certification” pilot project.

HotspotID Certified
Certified access points are better protected against Evil Twin attacks.

What is the “Bulk WiFi Certification” pilot project?

HotspotID relies on crowdsourced WiFi fingerprinting to collect the data needed to detect Evil Twin attacks; i.e. the mobile app fingerprints all WiFi connections of all users and sends this data to our server.

With this pilot project we want to boost the collection of WiFi fingerprints in order to perform real-world testing of our algorithms.

Even though we tried to consider all possible scenarios when we developed HotspotID, we are well aware that it is impossible to cover all possible network deployments and all possible use cases for how WiFi networks get used and updated.  For this reason HotspotID was designed with an internal feedback mechanism, which allows us to adapt the algorithms easily to changing real-world conditions.

What does it entail to participate?

  1. Contact us at “cert @ hotspotid.com” and introduce your company and  your network. We want to know how many access points you have and an estimate of how many users on a daily or weekly basis.
  2. Next we need a an XLS file with all your access point data, or as much data as possible.  At minimum we need SSID, BSSID and location (as accurate as possible).
  3. We will add your access points into our database and ask you to announce the HotspotID mobile app to your user base via download links etc.  We will help you with this. (If you prefer you can integrate HotspotID functionality inside your own app via our APIs).
  4. You will get access to a back-office dashboard where you can monitor deployment and network use (via the mobile app) live.
  5. Once deployed we will work with you to stage local evil twin attacks for testing purposes.  The data collected during these staged attacks will then be analyzed by our research teams to ensure the detection was performed correctly.

So, what is in it for the participants?

For starters – this is entirely free and is non-intrusive on the network.  Each certified network will be clearly differentiated and identified to all users of the HotspotID mobile app.  Through the certification we receive verified master data for all access points submitted, compared to crowdsourced data collected from HotspotID users. As a result all the fingerprints captured will be compared against verified master data, which makes Evil Twin detection more effective. This in turn results in a more security for the users of these networks – provided they use the HotspotID app.

Conact us at “cert @ hotspotid.com” for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.



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