About this blog

They say blogging is passé. Well, I don’t believe them.  Who are “they” anyway.

When you publish a product and you are trying to build a community, you need tools for meaningful and lasting communication with your user community and target audience.

That said, in this blog I want to write about,  WiFi and security in the context of how we use  WiFi on a daily basis today, and how we may be using it in the future.  It may get technical some times, but only when there is no way around it.

Communication is a 2-way street. So, whenever you don’t agree with my writings, or you have something to add, or your want to bring in a new topic around WiFi and security, just write a comment or send me a mail (blog at hotspotid.com).

And lastly, the standard blogging house rules apply.  We are all civilized people who respect each other and should behave as such. Misbehaving will not be tolerated.

Happy surfing. And remember, you are safe-r on WiFi with HotspotID.

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