About us


Hotspot ID™ is a project by Red Dog Communications s.a. (red-dog.com) based in Luxembourg.  The premise of Hotspot ID™ is to improve security in WiFi networks by fingerprinting and uniquely identifying the WiFi access points (AP) users connect to within the network.


The problem

Currently standard WiFi configuration software (WCS) on computers & mobile devices only identifies WiFi networks at the network level and will automatically connect a device to the AP with the strongest signal in a “remembered” network.  The user interface of the WCS does not show the user any information about the individual AP.  As a result the WCS cannot detect spoofed or rogue AP in a WiFi network.


The Hotspot ID™ solution

Hotspot ID™ is a mobile app, combined with server side processes which, fingerprints and uniquely identifies each Access Point (AP) in a WiFi network.

The Hotspot ID™ mobile apps collect the data required for fingerprinting and submit this to the central server where it is processed and stored.  On each WiFi connection the app anonymously submits AP fingerprint data to the server and receives back the fingerprint evaluation for each AP in range and which has been previously fingerprinted.

In this manner Hotspot ID™ identifies each individual AP in the network and is able to detect spoofed and rogue (*) AP.

(*) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_access_point



Our fingerprinting technology is developed in collaboration with the SnT (Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust) at the University of Luxembourg (www.uni.lu/snt).  SnT targets interdisciplinary research and PhD education in partnership with industry, to achieve secure, reliable and trustworthy ICT.



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